The smallest margin of victory (by wickets)

Records for ODI Matches

WinnerMarginTargetOversOppGroundMatch Date
England1 wicket18254.3v West IndiesLeeds5 Sep 1973
West Indies1 wicket26759.4v PakistanBirmingham11 Jun 1975
New Zealand1 wicket20449.4v West IndiesChristchurch6 Feb 1980
West Indies1 wicket10728.5v PakistanBrisbane16 Jan 1982
West Indies1 wicket17849.1v PakistanAdelaide28 Jan 1984
Pakistan1 wicket21435.0v New ZealandMultan7 Dec 1984
Pakistan1 wicket24650.0v IndiaSharjah18 Apr 1986
Pakistan1 wicket27449.5v AustraliaPerth2 Jan 1987
England1 wicket21454.3v PakistanBirmingham25 May 1987
Pakistan1 wicket21750.0v West IndiesLahore16 Oct 1987
England1 wicket17449.4v West IndiesBirmingham23 May 1991
West Indies1 wicket21647.3v PakistanSharjah17 Oct 1991
Australia1 wicket19744.3v New ZealandChristchurch21 Mar 1993
New Zealand1 wicket23349.5v PakistanChristchurch17 Dec 1995
Australia1 wicket17343.0v West IndiesSydney1 Jan 1996
West Indies1 wicket24449.1v New ZealandKingston26 Mar 1996
West Indies1 wicket26749.5v EnglandBridgetown1 Apr 1998
Sri Lanka1 wicket30349.4v EnglandAdelaide23 Jan 1999
England1 wicket13244.2v ZimbabweBulawayo18 Feb 2000
Zimbabwe1 wicket28449.5v IndiaJodhpur8 Dec 2000